moms group for anxiety, depression, and mom life

This is Motherhood

Beginning January 1st and continuing every Tuesday from noon- 1pm

Sign ups are open!  

I offer therapeutic support groups to women in Ardmore Oklahoma. This is an opportunity to get together with other women to unite in this experience and support one another! You are not alone!

Some of the common topics discussed in group include: 

loss of self identity, developing a support system, communication, self care, interpersonal skills, coping with intrusive thoughts, anger, shame, anxiety, depression, coping with not feeling like a good enough mom, relaxation skills, stress, and much more!

Group will be closed,meaning it is only open to those who have already signed up, and it will be held each week on the same day, time, and at the same location.

If you are interested in joining group Fill out the form below with the subject "This is Motherhood". 

I look forward to visiting with you soon! 


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